Meme Seizer

This is where it all started, Loui and his frens are on crazy new adventures.

This was the first chapter, but the story is growing each week. Wanna join the next chapter? take some Ignition Tickets and get ready for the burn.

Meme Seizer Ch 1 – 17.8K mints on Zora.

Past Chapters

Chapter 2

Speculative Vehicle

Loui stumbled upon a beat-up van in a junkyard and took it under his wing, giving it the affectionate moniker of “Spec”. Together, Loui and Spec have been on many wild adventures. This time, however, things are different. They’ve acquired a stash of memes and are eager to unleash them.

At the wheel of Spec are PeeperToadz and Boneys, who relish the thrill of navigating Rekt Avenue’s ups and downs.

What’s next for Loui, his frens, and their trusty van, Spec?

Chapter 3

Shared Bounty

Loui and his frens, were now in possession of a large stash of memes they had collected on their latest adventure. They had also stumbled upon a mysterious white token that they couldn’t identify. Loui, being the curious one, decided to investigate and found out that the white token was actually a powerful energy source that could be used to power various devices.

Excited by this discovery, Loui and his friends hit the road in their beloved van, Spec, to find the perfect device to use the white token on. They traveled far and wide, encountering all sorts of obstacles and challenges along the way. But they were determined to find the perfect device and put the power of the white token to good use.

Finally, after many days of searching, they stumbled upon a small electronic store in a remote corner of the city. The owner, who was an expert in electronics, took a look at the white token and declared it to be the most powerful energy source he had ever seen. So he showed Loui and his friends a device he had been working on, capable of harnessing the power of the white token to create an endless supply of memes.

However, he was hesitant to sell it as he wasn’t certain if the device would work with the white token. Instead, he offered to lend the device to Loui, on the condition that they would test it and bring back a portion of the new memes created, in case the device worked as he hoped.
Amazed by the potential of the device, Loui and his friends eagerly agreed to the owner’s terms and took the device back to their van, eager to put it to the test. They were thrilled at the prospect of creating a never-ending stream of memes and couldn’t wait to see the results of their efforts.

As they left the store and headed back to their van, they couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation. They had finally found a way to unleash the power of their meme stash and share it with the world. And with the white token powering the device, they knew that the memes they created would be the best and most powerful yet.

So, with the van’s engine revving and the white token humming with energy, Loui, and his frens hit the road once again, ready for their next adventure and the chance to share the joy of memes with the world.